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Who are we?

We will work on behalf of the local population to ensure high quality health services are available to them. Our CCG will be honest and open, engaging with our residents on the commissioning of health services. We will work together as a clinically led group to promote high quality and affordable healthcare.

Our CCG consists of 22 GP member practices that are working together to ensure the local population has high quality healthcare services which are sustainable. Clinical Commissioning Groups were born from the government NHS reforms in 2010. In Worcestershire there are 3 CCGs – Redditch & Bromsgrove, Wyre Forest and South Worcestershire.

The 22 practices meet on a monthly basis at the Redditch and Bromsgrove Advisory Forum (RBAF). Each practice nominates a GP or a practice manager to represent their views. RBAF has become a lively, interactive forum and provides an opportunity for RBCCG Governing Body members to provide an update on pertinent issues. RBAF is also a key opportunity to engage fellow clinicians in potential in meaningful discussion about patient pathways and service issues and developments.

What are the challenges?

The NHS as a whole is facing many challenges. Although funding has slightly increased from year-on-year budgets, as we are all living longer and with the advances in health care technology, this has put greater pressure on the NHS. The financial challenges are significant in their own right, but we will not look at them in isolation. Our focus will be to strike a balance between financial pressures and continuous improvement in quality and service performance. We will address the challenge of ensuring high quality services are available to all, whilst remaining sustainable through our Integrated Plan.

What is the Integrated Plan?

We recognise there isn’t one solution to tackle all the challenges we face. Rather a series of solutions that form an integrated approach to improve healthcare locally. The Integrated Plan sets out how we will develop over the coming year; what the priorities are for Redditch & Bromsgrove and how we will achieve these. With the involvement of local patients and public we have together produced a condensed version of the Integrated Plan.
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