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Registering with the Practice

If you live in our practice area and would like to register with us, please bring your medical card into the Practice and those of any other family members who wish to register with us. If you have misplaced this you will need to fill out an application form, for each applicant. You will be required to provide your postcode, name and address of your previous GP and NHS number.
GMS1 (New Patient Registration Form)

You will require two forms of identification:

  • a passport or full driving Licence (both parts)
  • a utility bill with your name and address on it

You will then be offered an appointment to see one of our practice nurses for a routine medical check. Children under five years of age do not need to have a medical but parents will be asked for details of all immunisation dates. This is part of our regular procedure before seeing a doctor. All patients are allocated a named GP and if you would like to know your allocated GP, please contact the Practice on 01527 91 70 70.

When you wish to register a new baby please note that the registrar will no longer give you a pink registration form to bring to your surgery. It is therefore, very important that you come along as soon as possible to get your baby registered with a GP. It is essential that this registration is done before your baby has their first appointment at the baby clinic.

We will also need to confirm that you live within the Practice area. We encourage all patients to complete a short health questionnaire and then make an appointment to see the practice nurse who will check your height, weight, urine and blood pressure (which can be high without symptoms). If you are on medication or a medical opinion is required she will arrange a consultation with the doctor. You will be registered with the Practice as a whole and will be assigned to the list of one of the doctors. When making an appointment you may request a consultation with the doctor of your choice.

Temporary Residents

We are always happy to see any relatives or friends staying with you if they need a doctor or nurse. They will need to fill out a short form for the information to be returned to their own doctor.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to allow time for completion of the necessary forms.